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The Avanti Entrepreneur | A series of podcasts by David Mammano

Are you a Main Street entrepreneur who doesn't want to use other people's money to grow your business? Do you want to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work yourself? Are you excited about controlling your own destiny? 

Lessons learned in The Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast can help you grow your business so that it provides a good life for you, your family, and your employees. 

Bo Burlingham | Size Has Nothing To Do With Greatness

Bo Burlingham has spent 33 years at Inc., as senior editor, then executive editor, then editor-at-large. He now writes about entrepreneurship at Forbes.

Wendy Keller | You Are Not Your Business

Wendy Keller is a marketing strategist for individuals and business owners, especially those who want to become successful authors, well-paid speakers or consultants. Wendy founded her sixth company, Keller Media, Inc., in 1989. Keller Media has helped thousands of people like you to develop a brand identity/platform that turns your knowledge and passion into a profitable business or generous extra revenue stream.

Stephen Woessner | Move Your Business Forward With a Podcast

Stephen Woessner is the CEO of Predictive ROI and the host of the brilliant Onward Nation podcast. He is also the author of two bestselling books, “The Small Business Owners Handbook to Search Engine Optimization” and “Increase Online Sales Through Viral Social Networking.”

Kent Lapp | Grit It Out

Kent Lapp is an Entrepreneur, Investor, & Optimistic Realist. After graduating high school in 2002, Kent went straight into the family business that his father had started in 1983, Woodtex. The company currently has manufacturing & sales locations in four states, NY, SC, TX & TN, although they do sell and deliver nationwide.


Rob Dube | Stay on the Same Page

Rob and his partner realized early on that their passion to deliver an extraordinary customer experience would be key to their success. It is this passion that has become the driving force behind imageOne’s success.

Lewis Schiff

Lewis Schiff | What Are You The Best At?

Lewis Schiff is a founder of BEN Global Mentorship, an e-learning platform that helps up-and-coming entrepreneurs build a company everyone knows about. You know those rockstar entrepreneurs you’d give your left arm for 10 minutes of their time? Poweredbyben.com gives you 8 weeks of mentoring with them. And you get to keep your arm.

Antonio Soler | Wellness Planning for Entrepreneurs

After doing his one-year General Medicine internship and not knowing what to specialize in, he understood that the Path of Searching was the actual way, the end in itself.

Ari Weinzweig | The More You Give — The More You Get

Ari Weinzweig is CEO and co-founding partner of Zingerman's Community of Businesses. Zingerman’s produces and sells all sorts of full flavored, traditional foods in its home of Ann Arbor, Michigan to the tune of $60,000,000 a year in annual sales.

Heather Ann Havenwood

Heather Ann Havenwood  | Practice Your Story as a Podcast Guest

Heather Ann Havenwood is a serial entrepreneur and regarded as a top authority on Internet marketing and business strategies. Heather Ann has been named by a few as an “Icon Creator” or the “Wizard Behind the Curtain.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett  | It’s Called Hard Work Because It’s Hard

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, and business podcast host of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on CBS on-demand radio network Play.It.

Geoffrey Colon  | Practice Getting In Front of People

Geoffrey Colon works at the intersection of marketing, tech, and popular culture. Data punk, DJ, podcaster, and author, Geoffrey is a communications designer at Microsoft, where he markets search advertising products for Bing.

Kyle Reyes  | You Must Be Authentic

Kyle S. Reyes is the President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, a nationwide marketing agency headquartered in Connecticut.

Michael Glauser

Michael Glauser | Automation Leads to Entrepreneurship

Mike Glauser has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, business consultant and university professor. He is the co-founder and chairman of My New Enterprise, an online training and development company for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson | No Matter What Happens—You Learn So Much

Amy Anderson is the creator of Transformative Writing for Non-Writers, founder of Anderson Content Consulting LLC, and former senior editor of SUCCESS magazine. She’s an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, content strategist and ghostwriter.

Steve Gissin | Why You Need an Operating Agreement

Steve Gissin is a highly strategic user experience consultant who guides senior leaders of Fortune 500 companies in the study and improvement of their products. As a professional facilitator, Steve has provided research solutions for some of the top e-commerce companies.

Kelly Hatfield | Be Ready To Adapt

Kelly Hatfield is co-founder and CEO of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group, Enginuity Virtual Recruiter, Impact Real Estate Real Estate Group based in Everett, Washington and hosts the Absolute Advantage podcast.

Tara Christopher | How to Be a Healthy Entrepreneur

Tara Christopher has been in the health industry for 30 years. After she received her degree from Hunter College, she launched a successful career at a highly demanding gym on 57th street in NYC. Her strategy was to develop a roadmap for individuals to reach their goals based on their own health needs.

Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess | Don’t Be Afraid to Pull the Plug

As a speaker, podcaster, and author, Joel teaches people how to focus, have confidence, and forge a path. He’s the guy people call when they’re feeling stuck, under-challenged or overwhelmed.

Alberto Riehl | Think Twice Before Hiring Family

Alberto Riehl is a serial entrepreneur with an insurance background. He’s a Certified Consultant for Bob Proctor and part of his inner circle.

Zach Obront | Why You Need a Book

Zach Obront is the Co-Founder of Book In A Box, a new type of publishing company focused on allowing busy experts with important messages to share to create their book without the usual barriers.

Don Osmond | Authenticity is King

Marketing professional, speaker, and writer Don Osmond focuses on authentic marketing to help businesses develop sound branding strategies. Widely regarded as a marketing and communications thought leader, he works with clients to develop the genuine narrative of their companies.

Cameron Herold | Share Your Vivid Vision with Your Team

Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind hundreds of companies' exponential growth. Cameron's built a dynamic consultancy - his current clients include a 'Big 4' wireless carrier and a monarchy.

Linda Hollander | How to Use Sponsorships to Grow Your Business

Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. Magazine as the leading expert on corporate sponsorships. She is the author of the book, Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps: Get Funding from Sponsors, Even if You’re Just Starting Out.

Mark BabbittJust Get It Done

Mark Babbitt is the co-author of the Amazon Bestseller, A World Gone Social: How Business Must Adapt to Survive. An in-demand speaker and mentor, Mark has been named as a “Top 100 Leadership Speaker,” and a “Top 50 Leadership Innovator” by Inc.com

Karen Benjamin

Karen Benjamin | Nothing Happens Until a Sale is Made

Karen Benjamin is the co-founder and co-owner of Worldleaders, a sales training and outsourced sales recruiting firm focused on helping small to medium sized B2B technology companies to improve their sales results. Karen leads the outsourced sales recruiting practice.

George Athan | How to Create Business Systems to Achieve Growth

George Athan is one of New York’s top business growth experts who has successfully consulted for companies in 75 different industries and niche markets. He specializes in helping B2B companies create predictable and scalable systems to achieve rapid business growth.

Corey Jahnke | Why Relationships and Stories are the Keys to Success

Corey Jahnke was almost 50 years old, dead broke, in a contract to purchase a piece of land that he couldn't afford, the bank had turned down his loan 3 times, his wife had lost her job, he was renting a home where they were living and had a home for sale that wasn't moving, and he was facing a huge income tax bill. Corey was embarrassed, humiliated, and scared. How could he have let this happen?

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