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Sarah Goodenough

Dieting, Nutrition and Healthy Living, with Sarah Goodenough

Sarah Goodenough is a mother of two boys. She is from Rochester, NY and has a BS in Nursing, a BS in Biochemistry, and a Plant Based Nutrition Certification. She has worked in a Medical Intensive Care Unit as well as Community Health as a registered nurse.

About 8 years ago, Sarah was extremely overweight and sick with borderline high blood pressure, the beginning stages of fatty liver disease, among other things. She struggled for years trying to lose weight and exhausted just about every weight loss option that she could find. Sarah managed to lose some weight but continued to feel sick. She then read a book called The China Study which changed her life forever.

Sarah began eating plant based and within weeks dropped weight and cured her fatty liver disease, depression, and asthma. In 2015, she also completed The Campbell Plan.

She has lost a total of 165 lbs since then. Sarah has become a long distance runner, and enjoys participating in races that really tests her limits. She just recently completed the Leadville Heavy Half in Colorado, which is a race up a mountain at 13,000 ft altitude.

This lifestyle has changed Sarah’s life in so many incredible ways, and she feels it's necessary to help others improve their health and quality of life. Her goal is to educate others on the benefits of a whole food plant-based diet and to provide the convenience and ease of having delicious meals, prepared for you fresh, and delivered to your door.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How overcoming a serious weight problem and potentially fatal diseases led Sarah to create Kitchen Verde, a vegan food delivery service that provides plant-based foods to help people lose wait and stay healthy
  • Sarah's struggles with weight and happiness and how others can learn from her experiences and learn how to respond to their weight in healthy ways
  • The research that links meat-based proteins with various health issues in medical studies, and how switching to plant-based foods removed those issues
  • The problems with how certain foods (like dairy products) are marketed as necessary parts of a diet, although not all research backs this up – and some even says the opposite
  • The latest information on carcinogens in our environment and the what we are learning about new potential dangers
  • How weight issues, overeating, and similar problems are often linked to emotions, depression, and other core causes that must be treated (and that diet is also a key part of that treatment)
  • How building a 21-day is useful for many life improvements, including practicing a new diet when you really don't feel like it
  • Why it's important to understand how the bacteria in our bodies react to different types of food
  • The fun, geeky ways you can research plants and find which plants will help provide solutions for health issues or energy problems that you might be suffering