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Peter Winick

Becoming a Thought Leader with Peter Winick

Peter is an entrepreneurial-minded leader who leverages the power of internal and external relationships to accelerate growth within emerging and high-potential companies that have powerful intellectual property. His accomplishments include start-ups, turnarounds, and M&A (in the b2b services sector)—with results driven by practical strategy, focused execution, and a disciplined method of cost control.

He has over twenty years of experience and has worked with a variety of thought leaders. He expertly leverages that along with his experience with such clients as IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, Avon, Hyatt and more.  In addition, he has built and managed several consulting and professional development organizations.

Peter is an information junkie and an avid reader of business books.  He believes that taking great content and creating a platform to best support it takes a combination of art, science, logic, focus, passion and creativity.

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 Podcast: Leveraging Thought Leadership with Peter Winick