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Laura Cheek

How to Build Your Business and be Yourself on Social Media, with Laura Cheek

Laura Cheek is the Founder and Social Brander of Insperience It. Insperience It is a social branding agency specializing in branding and social media management for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Laura leverages social media to build irresistible brands and consumer bonds in various industries, from Professional Service Providers to Restaurants and Lifestyle Brands. After 6 years of grassroot efforts and experiential learning, Laura has developed a technique to social branding. Since the launch of Insperience It, Laura has since developed another business, Social Brandr. Social Brandr is an online community and resource center where online entrepreneurs can go to learn how to build a strong brand and exploit social media to better their business using Laura's technique.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• How Laura got into branding and social media management and why she founded Insperience It

• What happened when she moved to New York City on her own at age 18

• How Laura came to be known as a social media girl

• The conversation that made her realize she could be successful in social media management

• How Laura built a successful business by age 25

• The story behind Laura’s first startup, which turned out to be a major failure

• The importance of learning to walk away when something is no longer serving a purpose

• Laura’s morning routine and daily habits that help her be successful

• The meaning of 4 essential values Laura uses to guide her life and business: fun, fortune, fame, and family

• Laura’s style of meditation

• Why listening is so important in effective communication

• Why Laura’s personal tagline is “the power of people”

• What Laura does differently on social media that sets her apart and makes her successful

• How to differentiate when everyone is on social media

• How to successfully build and brand your business on Snapchat

• The future of various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter

• How to be your brand on social media

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