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Klyn Elsbury

Understanding Adversity as an Advantage, with Klyn Elsbury

Klyn Elsbury is CEO of Landmark Makers, a best-selling author, and a keynote presenter focused on helping leaders understand the principles on how to live ALL IN. Her focus is on teaching others how to create a strong vision, how to develop core habits centered around that vision, and how to give and receive unconditional love by authentic communication.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Klyn defied expectations by not only taking Zumba classes despite her cystic fibrosis but by becoming a Zumba instructor as well
  • The power of persistence seen through Klyn’s story of being denied insurance coverage for a lifesaving drug costing $259,000 and calling everyone in media until her message was shared by PBS and then later by Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News
  • Living authentically, loving deeply, and to recognizing adversity as an advantage
  • Overcoming obstacles and achieving great things in spite of the obstacles in your path
  • How accepting that we all have something evens the playing field, no matter what your particular obstacle happens to be
  • Adversity as an advantage: Why that resonates so much with Klyn and how you can turn adversity into advantages in your own life and business
  • How Klyn believed she had a story to tell but didn’t think others would be inspired by it, so she set out to find famous people, celebrities, and influencers with stories about overcoming adversity and her friend and editor convinced her that her story was the one she needed to tell – and that people need to hear
  • Why the biggest problems people face isn’t in their businesses, but their failure to understand their own true potential
  • Klyn’s belief that if you’re only inspired for 48 hours but you do something in that time that brings about drastic improvements in your life, then it was 48 hours well spent