John Mitchell

A New Way of Life in 12 Minutes, with John Mitchell

As an entrepreneur in his early 50's, John discovered something amazing. A technique to substantially increase a person’s success and achievement in life. It takes 12 minutes a day, works on everyone, and has strong science behind it. It caused his income to go up by 25 times over what it was in his 30's & 40's, to mid-seven figures a yr. Also materially impacted my health & marriage at the same time.

John’s passion today is sharing this surprisingly simple "success formula" with others via my company “Think it Be It” (thinkitbeit.net). John is blessed to be teaching “success” methodology at University of Texas in Austin as a faculty member of the McCombs School of Business.

Think It Be It works because it impacts a person’s focus & level of control over themselves. Time Magazine did a cover story on the science behind the technique, which is consider the top application in the world of the legendary book Think and Grow Rich. This book has sold 100 million copies.

John started out as a CPA but at 30 became an entrepreneur in a range of industries.In 2004 he founded a company in the reverse mortgage industry, growing it to become the biggest in Texas & 4th biggest company in the country. In 2013 He sold his company to the largest national player in the space. That opened the door to living out his passion- which is enlightening people to my 12-minute-a-day technique that ups a person's game to create the life they want.

To give back, John started “The Better Life Foundation.” Its purpose is to help single moms. Check out our website, www.singlemomsempowered.org.

 At 51, John had never been married and felt compelled to start a new life. He moved to Austin and now lives on Lake Austin with my precious wife Ginger. He plays blues guitar in a band & I love football. John’s two favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Texas Longhorns.


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