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Earl Bell

Define What “Win” Means to You, with Earl Bell

Earl Bell is an author, consultant, and success coach/trainer for business owners and leaders.  His expertise comes from the world of business, where Earl was CFO of a $17 billion Registered Investment Advisory firm and the world of youth sports where he coached 22 baseball and softball teams over 10 years.  Earl is the author of Winning in Baseball and Business and Transforming Little League Principles into Major League Profits for Your Company.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

• What business systems need to do to make your company great

• The difference between Microsoft and Apple and why that comes down to user experience

• How to avoid fear-based leading by changing your attitude to failure

• Understanding your body clock and how to schedule your day

• Letting the end be the beginning by letting go and moving on

• The 10 discrete steps companies can take to lead in their industries

• Why you must lose your assumptions when starting new ventures

• How the user experience of your services and products influences customers

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