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Corey Jahnke

Why Relationships and Stories are the Keys to Success, with Corey Jahnke

About a year ago, Corey was lying awake at 4 am for the fourth or 5th night in a row wondering what had happened to his life.

He was almost 50 years old, dead broke, in a contract to purchase a piece of land that he couldn't afford, the bank had turned down his loan 3 times, his wife had lost her job, he was renting a home where they were living and had a home for sale that wasn't moving, and he was facing a huge income tax bill. Corey was embarrassed, humiliated, and scared. How could he have let this happen? He was so anxious that his wrists just shook and ached with tension. He could easily draw a line in his mind directly to homelessness.

Corey felt like Jimmy Stewart in "It's A Wonderful Life." He did have great life insurance, and he "knew" that he was worth more dead than alive. Or, was he? As Corey began to trace the ending of "It's A Wonderful Life," he began to examine the reality he had created in his mind, and suddenly seven small words popped into his head: "MY FAMILY NEEDS ME TO BE STRONG!"

He’s here to tell you the rest of the story…


What you'll learn about in this episode:

• How Corey developed his driving mantra: “my family needs me to be strong”
• How Corey found meaning in a job he didn’t necessarily love
• The story of how Corey developed relationship marketing for himself
• The inspiration behind Corey’s books
• The power and importance of keeping your “why”
• How Corey bounced back from a terrifying low point in his life
• The importance of storytelling in business and life
• How Corey’s life changed when he realized that all the answers he was looking for were within himself
• Not discounting the value of your own expertise
• How we create our own reality based on the way we present and carry ourselves
• How relationships create abundant living; the real secret to success
• How to solve your problems by evaluating the relationships in your life
• Why we remember stories and how to use that to your advantage
• Why you must be introspective and realize what story you are telling yourself
• How Corey moved on by rewriting his own story
• Why the ability to make a difference is the most important thing in business
• The importance of being the person the other person wants to see coming, not leaving
• What percent we are responsible for our own relationships
• Why you should embrace the difficult parts of leadership
• How his book “The Successful Thinker” is a manual for life

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