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Antonio Soler

Wellness Planning for Entrepreneurs, with Antonio Soler, MD

Dr. Antonio Soler earned his Medical Doctorate after four years as President of his class from Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico in 2008. After doing his one-year General Medicine internship and not knowing what to specialize in, he understood that the Path of Searching was the actual way, the end in itself. 

In his quest for truth, and for true mental, physical and spiritual well-being, he has researched, and self tested dozens of techniques, like Zen meditation, running, cycling, different diets (if not all of them), integrative medicine, etc. In a field where many people just go for the money, he went for value, to actually improve people’s lives and heal them along the way. 

Along his other cousin, Dr. Michael Soler, he joined to form and grow Puerto Rico’s leading Bariatric and Obesity Medicine Clinic, with the clear understanding and realization that the body, mind and spirit can heal completely, and that illness, most of the time is not something to be accepted, but challenged and overcame. Today his quest continues, and as a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, new horizons in healing appear nearby, but most importantly not for him, but for the people and patients he cares about.

What you will learn about in this episode:

• Antonio’s background

• Why it’s so important to bring enormous value

• Antonio’s penchant for learning

• Why your little choices add up to the big picture

• Overcoming addictions to distractions

• Being conscious of what you’re actually doing by tracking it

• How to keep track of what you’re eating

• The detox that Antonio is doing right now

• What Antonio’s meals typically look like

• The study from the Adventist Health Study on why the people who drank the most water were the healthiest

• How much sleep you really need and how lack of sleep really hurts you

• Strategies for getting sleep

• “Forks Over Knives” — a documentary you should watch on Netflix

• Why Antonio would choose Gandhi to spend time with if he could

• Antonio’s time as an ROTC